In the Mood

It's starting to feel a little Christmassy, finally.

I spent a day in Matt's hometown gathering with the family. There's something really affirming about going to his Aunt and Uncle's house. Basically, they love us a bunch, think we're terrific and aren't shy about telling us.

It's a happy place.

I drove back yesterday and felt so sleepy. Once I got out of my warm car and into the bitter arctic wind, though, I was wiiiide awake.

It's currently 16 degrees (fahrenheit) here in Music City, and there's no mistaking it. I have to make a quick run out of the office at lunchtime, but it's tempting to skip it altogether.

Tonight, a stop at Rumors Wine Bar for a Christmas toast with Rosie. Then, home to pack, gather my presents and take a short winter's nap. Tomorrow morning, a quick pitstop at the Local WalMart for sugar free pie. Please let them have pecan!

Then, a solid eight at the office, a solid four on the road, and then, a long weekend with parents, puppies and my husband. I can't wait!

For now, though, I have to concentrate on ending 2008 at the workplace - made much easier by the fact that my five-day grind is only two days this week.

On Christmas Eve, I have big plans for a brow wax. I can't wait!

May your day be merry and bright!