I'm sorry, who are you?

This day is one that I'd like to have as a do-over. It's a given that as a support worker, people aren't ever going to call me just to say, "Hey, champ - great job - everything is perfect and we're completely happy."

Still, I have to answer the phone, open the e mail.

That doesn't mean that sometimes I don't still get to feel a little nausea resulting therefrom.

I've got two customers playing dueling banjos today for the right to my complete attention. What I want to do is tell them to take a chill pill, give me what I need to get my job done, and rest assured that I'll do it. But that they are only 2 of many, many customers requesting my time and energy. And let's be honest, sometimes you're thinking "fuck off" when you're saying "how can I help you?". Human nature, mes amis.

And as much as I tell people no job is worth my tears, today I've felt so sick and frustrated, damn if a few haven't leaked out despite my best efforts.

Back to it, now.