Any questions?

I love e mails that end by directing "any questions" to one person or another. Usually not the sender of the missive.

Especially when you know that what that really means is, "We're done discussing this, and we dare you to have the ovaries to ask any questions."

I've decided to put my ovaries on ice til after the first of the year, then maybe I'll pull them back out and lay them on the table.

Ovaries on Ice! Sounds like something I'd see at the Sommet Center. Featuring Dorothy Hamill or Tara Lipinski. Or, noooo! Tonya Harding!

Hell YEAH. Ovaries on Ice! If you only see one ice spectacular this year - don't MISS the all-new OVARIES... ON... ICE!

Count me in, bitches.

Ah, my kingdom for a pair of testicles!

Honestly, I think I'd benefit from drinking a big tall glass of shutthefuckup and calling it a year.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go iron my clothes for tomorrow.