Thoughts for Election Day

Here’s my life:

I have more food than I need, more clothes than I can wear.

I have a nice roof over my head, and enough money to pay my bills. My husband and I have plenty of toys, we can get in our (gas efficient) cars and get from Point A to Point B without worry.

We are in good health, and have access to the service we need to stay that way. We both had great education, and access to more, should we so desire.

We both have jobs that fulfill us, and I can leave work every day feeling that someone, somewhere is better off for what I do.

I can worship or *not* worship whomever, whenever.

I have access to information from the world over, without censorship.

I don’t have to cover my head to go to outside - and if I wanted to wear my pajamas to the grocery, I could (I don’t, but lots of folks do).

I can say pretty much whatever I want, I don’t worry for my safety, and I have never feared for my life.

No matter my petty gripes and bitchings, I am one of the luckiest people I know. I have a life that’s better than 99% of the world population, and on top of all that - I get a vote.

That’s my take.