I don't generally believe that "everybody's workin' for the weekend', but I am glad today is Friday.

Because...I have to do housework. Blaaaah!

Also, I've decided to go to a Founders' Day Brunch being held by my sorority's local alumni (alumnae? alumniae? alumnus? alum?) chapter. Good times. I've never met any of these women, but it's being held at Mere Bulles, and it's really more about the brunch than the people. That's Sunday. I did some recon work on that event - and good news - there's a chocolate fountain. Note to self - either dark colors or loud prints.

I slept 10 hours last night, and I'd do it again. It has helped my disposition considerably.

And yet, I still find myself yawning wildly this afternoon. Just how sleep deprived am I?

No big plans this weekend, and that's AOK with me. I have plenty to do at the house. Thanksgiving is mere weeks away. WEEKS!

I made a quick hit list of things I want to do tomorrow and Sunday. There aren't enough hours in the day. Especially when I want to spend 10 of the 24 horizontal and with my eyes closed.

As I annoyingly like to point out sometimes, though...we all get the same number of hours per day.