So, what?

I've been incredibly out of sorts for the past two days - and that's not like me at all.

Sure, I get into bad moods, but I'm usually pretty even-keeled, and right now, something is just not right.

The election was, of course, amazing, and I'm happy, but even the Obama picture I've set as my computer background isn't really doing it for me.

It would probably help to pry Avenue Q out of my CD player in the car. Listening repeatedly to "It Sucks to Be Me" and "For Now" are not helping, I think.

Plus, I've had killer heartburn for much of the past 48 hours.

I don't know. I don't think a hot bath would help, and that's a cure for so many things. I don't even really just want a boatload of sweets - which often helps my sour moods.

One thing that does sound appealing is a massage, but who has money for that? Another thing that would probably put some bounce in my step would be a haircut, but like a massage, that's money that could go to something more permanent.

Plus, I was looking at my hair tonight, and really, it looks pretty OK.

I could just go to bed early, try to make a dent in my deficit.

One of my colleagues today was trying to convince me that exercise is the best cure. I wish I could be more open to that, but at the moment, it sounds exhausting.

For now, I think I'll settle on doing laundry, maybe getting a warm bath and using some of my goat milk body butter afterwards, then hitting the hay.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

It's got to be - I'm starting to worry that my reputation of being a pleasant worker-bee is falterng.