...some other day...

So, I love rain. I always have. As a kid, it meant not going out at recess, and therefore not have to play kickball, which meant no dreaded kickball performance anxiety. Instead, we got a nice cerebral game of Heads Up/Seven Up - the rules and purpose of the game, I've long since forgotten.

These days, rain means I don't have to water my flora. Although, my fauna, lacking opposable thumbs to provide for herself, gets a fresh bowl of water every day, on the house, whether she needs it or not. I'm so benevolent.

Rain also means a good hair day for me. Being a big-haired gal, I require plenty of humidity to keep my hair ridin' high. And in the winter, when everything is so dry and static clingy, I have to settle for a lot of bad hair days. But today, it's looking as good as hair can look, given that the last cut I had was exactly four months ago today. I know, I know - but who has the time? I figure if I can keep it up, I'll be giving to Locks of Love in no time. If I don't get frustrated and get out Matt's electric clippers. Tempting.

So rain, and rain often!


Alex said…
guess it's because God listens to prayers of people like you that it rains... sigh. Thankfully, today it's our turn on God's Prayer-to-be-fulfilled list.