Post-Thanksgiving Analysis

I have to tell you, Rachel Ray, Giada DeLaurentis, and yes, even Paula Deen can eat their hearts out. I had a Thanksgiving, to quote Arlo Guthrie, "that couldn't be beat".

The family all arrived within the same hour on Wednesday, and we had a terrific time. My father looks great, feels healthy. Mom is excited to be a grandmother. Laura and Tom, though probably a little sleep deprived, are doing a great job as parents, and Henry - well, let me tell you, I'm in love.

I don't have a lot of experience with babies, and for the most part, I find them scary, and/or a nuisance. Henry is a whole new ballgame. As it turns out, I'm actually not bad with babies, and once they can hold their head up, it's much easier. Henry rarely cried - basically, only if he was hungry. I'm told that he wasn't too keen on sleeping Wednesday night, but otherwise, what a great little guy - and such fun!

Thanksgiving dinner was, if I may say so, excellent -and this year, we didn't make waaay too much food. Yeah, I'll be thinking of fun things to do with ham for awhile (tonight, ham gumbo), but really, we didn't go too nuts.
Matt took lots of pictures - it pays to marry a photographer.

All in all - a terrific long weekend. Going back to the five-day grind tomorrow is going to hurt a little.

Oh well - only a few weeks til Christmas.

Speaking of...what the hell am I going to wear to the company Christmas Party? Or, another way to put it -where can I find enough sequins to camouflage my obvious love of gravy?