I want it all!

So, now that we're closing in on the election, and all I really have to worry about is watching the results tomorrow night, I'm starting to zero in on the next big thing: Thanksgiving.

In 23 days, my family arrives. No word yet on whether Matt's family is going to join - his best guess is no. Either way, it should be fun.

But of course, I'm getting a case of the "want-itis" - for example:

I want these.

Now, there's no real reason I need to order these. Swiss Colony is not known for hautes confiseries, and further more, six people do not need a box of these sitting around the house for the weekend. No matter how adorable they are. And, that's $21.95 + S&H that could go somewhere else. Like, Second Harvest Food Bank, for example - and feed some legitmately hungry people.

Yeah, reality. There's nothing like it.

I did actually do a little selfish shopping this weekend - got some new pants, a few new shirts - watched as one again, the Avenue at Cool Springs delivered grossly subpar customer service. Here's the deal - if you have two sets of dressing rooms, why not open the ones that offer the most comfort and privacy to your customers? I watched them chase a woman out of the dressing room at the back of the store, basically citing the need to be able to "keep an eye on people" - the woman handed the coat she was trying on to the employee and said, "Sorry, you just lost a sale" and marched out of the store. At which point, the employee went to bitch to another employee within earshot of myself and some other customers. At which point, they lost my sale as well. First of all, you basically just accused this woman of being a shoplifter, and you kicked her out of a dressing room that was not locked or blocked off from being used. So, yeah, you fucked up.

Part two, never, and I mean never talk bad about clientele in front of other clientele. It's Customer Service 101. Right up there with not bagging my slimy chicken with a bunch of dry goods.

From now on, if I shop at the Avenue, it'll be the one at Nolensville Road. Sorry ladies. Only, not really.

The time change has me craving a nap. You know, or maybe a sick day.

I could definitely spend a little time on the couch just cold chillin', maybe starting my own game of Fallout 3 (awesome, well worth every penny).