Good News/Bad News

First, the bad news. Which isn't really even bad - it's just not that good.

Work is just a little frustrating at the moment - nothing unfixable, just a temporary hitch in my giddyup, you might say. Although, I was indulging that fantasy briefly yesterday where I go and work in management at Whole Foods. Sigh.

As for causes to my "opportunity" (euphemism for problem or issue), I'd say that I'm stressed about so many things, and the fact that I am overtired, scrambling to prep for Thanksgiving and that catch-all - PMS are making things seem worse than they are.

Basically, I have an isolated crummy incident that seems to be coloring my whole outlook. I need to take a deep breath, or six, and remember that yesterday, a customer told me that I was a "wonderful" trainer. I should remember that one of my favorite trusted colleagues took a minute to ask if I was OK, and to assure me that I needed to stick around, thus tabling my Whole Foods fantasy. And anyway - work there during the holidays? No thanks!

And to that point, the good news - we have a client in house today for training - which means I definitely need to wear make-up, but more importantly, all those awesome involuntary hand gestures I make when I train via phone/web won't be lost on this gentleman.

Onward and upward. The family arrives one week from today for Thanksgiving. I should probably start scoping out my bird.