Getting There

So, I put a good dent into the work that needs to get done before Thanksgiving over the weekend, and that included moving a few pieces of furniture, which, given the layout of the house, can be a challenge. In this case, though, it worked out well.

I also went to the aforementioned Sorority Brunch at Mere Bulles. It was enjoyable, but imagine being the one UGA grad in a room of UT grads. I had to invoke the score of this year's football game to keep them in check. Ha!

That said, it was a good time, and the Crème Brûlée French Toast was incroyable!

I went to the fabric store on Sunday to pick up a few things for a project I'm working on - and again, I was overwhelmed with that wish that I could actually sew. I watch Project Runway for two reasons - one, I love the drama, but two, there's something amazing about starting out with an idea and raw materials and producing something useful and beautiful.

But with sewing, as with chemistry, algebra and all those other things I did poorly at in school, there's little room to improvise, and there's plenty of opportunity for error. I wonder if I have the patience.

Although, it's not like I want to whip out dozens of couture garments (which coming from me might look, to quote Michael Kors, "Becky Home-Ecky"), really, I'd just like to be able to hem pants, make napkins and tablecloths, and maybe create simple Halloween costumes. Capes, tails, ears - nothing elaborate.

As it stands, I can hand sew, I can use fusible webbing (aka Stitch Witch), and I can wield a hot glue gun with the best of them. And I'm crafty, after a fashion - you need only look at my Scarecrow costume to see that I have a vision.

Still, I want MORE!

Maybe I'll ask Santa for a sewing machine this Christmas. They're not terribly expensive for a decent model, and I could make Matt some throw pillows for the couch, I could sew Lola a prom dress - the possibilities are limitless.

And then, when I cruised the aisle at JoAnn, I could look at the chenilles, the flannel quilting fabric, the chiffons and brocades, the calicos and the broadcloth, and I could actually stop dreaming and start doing.

That said, I'm strongly considering a new idea for the Thanksgiving table this year.

I'm kind of excited.