either crazy or brilliant

So, I came up with a plan for setting the table for Thanksgiving - it's either going to look amazing, or like Pee Wee's Playhouse. Or both.

I'm going to talk it over with Matt, who usually has a good eye for these things.

But I'm starting to get excited. Once I can dig out from under the rigors of the boring part - housework, then I can do the creative bits, which is where I start to shine.

Matt got the greatest note on our door yesterday, from a neighbor down the street - a man of whom I am growing increasingly fond. He's looking for work, and wanted to let us know he rakes leaves. This neighbor is a good guy - I'll be glad to find some things for him to do, but at the moment, I'd be embarrassed to have him see the inside of the house. So leaves it very well may be.

His son is in the Air Force and is coming home from Germany for Christmas. I may very well send a cake their way for the holidays.

We are incredibly lucky - we have the nicest neighbors.


Alex said…
You know, I must say I have great neighbors, too. I mean, it's been at least a week since I painted Obama campaign logo on my lawn and I still haven't been mugged, robbed, beat up, or even verbally confronted about it. Amazing!
Unknown said…
i could use a leaf guy maybe - how much does he charge? ps we need to talk about the turkey day table - i'm curious what you came up with :)
Alex said…
If there is not going to be a hula dancer figuring on your Thanksgiving table, I will be so disappointed. Just so you know. -Alex