Black Friday, Indeed

So, while I like to believe that people are basically good and decent, I hear about a 34 year-old WalMart employee trampled to death on Friday in Long Island, NY

And I have to wonder that age-old question:


I especially shudder at the part where the people trying to give him first aid were also jostled by the crowds.

Matt and I are going to the recycling center today, and I'd like to pick up some Christmas lights at Target, but I'm not going to knock anyone over to get them. Sheesh!

In lighter and happier news - Thanksgiving 2008 was a complete success. A wrap-up to follow.


Alex said…
I said WTF 10 times when I read those news online... I mean, like, seriously, W.T.F.!?!? This is when I want to be part of dog species instead of homo sapient.