Titans Fever

The Tennessee Titans are playing tonight here in Nashville against the Colts of Indianapolis. Monday Night Football, bitches!

I only follow sports enough to be conversant with the fellas at work. Mostly, that works for me.

We got back this morning from a nice long weekend - most of it was spent in the mountains, with a quick overnight in Atlanta to see the 'rents. We had dinner with them, spent the night and then took Dad to breakfast this morning and came home.

Today is my 34th birthday, and it's been a good day. I wasn't feeling well this evening, so I had some soup and crackers, and we're watching the game, more or less. I'm also starting my Thanksgiving plans.

Tomorrow, I'll construct my Halloween costume. Wednesday, housework. Thursday - working late, but I need to get my car tag in the morning.

Being an adult is pretty awesome, really.

Photos coming soon.

No, really.