Thoughts on October

I have to wonder if the scrips I picked up from Walgreens are especially fresh batches of chemically goodness – I feel exceptionally happy today for no real reason.

It happens like that sometimes.

Not much to report from Nashville, though I’ll tell you the first day of October hasn’t disappointed – nice weather – cool, windy – blue sky. I can’t complain.

Earlier this week I had the chance to see one of my favorite actors on the big screen. When I was ten, I fell in love with Chaplin - I saw The Gold Rush and I was hooked. From there, I got my hands anything Chaplin that I could – biographies, documentaries, movies, articles – and keep in mind, this was pre-internet, – and the libraries in Fulton County didn’t have much to pick from. Still, I became somewhat of an expert on all things Charlie Chaplin.

When I was eighteen, the movie Chaplin, with Robert Downey Jr. came out, and my mother called the AJC to talk to the film critics and managed to get opening night tickets – we saw it at the Phipps Plaza theatre, and it was awesome.

So, when I saw that the local arthouse theatre, the Belcourt - was running Chaplin’s 1931 masterpiece, City Lights, as part of a festival on homelessness in films, I made plans to go.

It was $8.50 well spent – it was a restored 35mm print, and it’s better than I remembered it – especially knowing all the pain that went into making it. These three nice artsy guys sat behind me and we chatted before the lights went down – one of them told me that in Los Angeles, there are 2 cinemas that show nothing but silent movies. Hell, I think I’m lucky to have the Belcourt – but wouldn’t that be something?

I’ve got a late evening – I’m running a training for people who are in Malaysia and Australia –which means I’m living in Wednesday and training on Thursday. Weird.

But, hey – you know, I’m flexible. Even though I am missing Project Runway. Damn it.