Social Butterfly

I really believe I lead a charmed life - another stellar weekend – camping, a party, a few naps, and plenty of fun time with the people I love hanging out with.

This should be a good work week – three days long for me – then me and my mister are headed for a long weekend vacay in the North Georgia mountains.

Sleep! Scrabble! Antiqueing! Leaf-Peeping! Hiking! Fires! I’m ready, though, we still need to plan, pack, and get there.

All in good time. We very briefly thought about going to Indiana or Ohio to work on the Obama campaign. I’m still not convinced we shouldn’t, but, you know – we also really need a vacation. So. I think I’ll be making calls to women voters instead.

I voted early on Friday. I felt anxious, because I still don’t trust the electronic machines. I’m hoarding my “I Voted” sticker for the actual election day.

So, now I have three days to pound through my work, and then, North Georgia awaits.

Here’s a picture of me, Alex and Seb from the party. Since we’re the birthday girl and boys, we each got a tombstone with our name on it. Note the Obama Biden pumpkin between my grave and Alex’s. Carved lovingly by my favorite Ukrainian and his friend Chris.

There are more pictures from after I left, featuring a Jacuzzi bubble bath. Probably good that I left when I did.

And that I didn’t drink. Or disrobe. And that I'm essentially pretty boring.
Maybe I'll do something wild and foolish in the mountains. Yeah, that's it! I'll stay up til 2 AM playing cards with my husband. Then we'll sleep in the same bed! Woohoo! CRAZY!
I'm still working out what to be for Halloween - I thought about being an "Unhappy Camper" - covered in poison ivy, twigs in my hair - but Matt thinks that may send a negative image to my employer, and he has a point (even though I'm *not* an unhappy camper at the office).
I think the tone I want to convey is "clever". Hmm.