Sign of the Times

After weeks and weeks of sunny weather – today, of all days – Debate Day, it has to be overcast and raining. That’s nothing – at the actual time of the debate, they’re predicting thunderstorms. AWESOME!

Not that I melt, or anything, but the idea of standing out in a thunderstorm isn’t exactly appealing. Plus, I’m sure my signs will start to smear a little. So I don’t know – I can’t decide what I’ll do in the event of rain.

Probably tough it out and march anyway. Suffragists didn’t fight for my rights so that I could park my carcass on the couch on what is one of the biggest nights in Nashville I’ve ever experienced.

I head to Denver for the day on Thursday – this week is just jam-packed with fun! Last night, at least I got a head start on laundry, recycling and groceries.

I made five signs last night – they’re all winners, but my favorite reads:

Blue Voter
in a
Red State
(Wish I lived in Virginia!)

I’m also fond of



Keep Your Lipstick
off my
Pit Bull

Ahhh, so clever – all this wasted talent!