Scratching the Surface

Sometimes, apropos of nothing, my nose itches and won't stop for a long time. It's probably pollen, since we're here in the Allergy Capital of the U.S. of A.

Who knows? What I can tell you is that I'll be popping a benadryl tonight. Or two.

I met with my doctor today and good news all around - my blood pressure is under control, my blood glucose is normal, and we'll hear about my cholesterol in a few days.

Work is going well, the house is still kind of a wreck but I have a plan of attack. Sort of. Well, OK, not really, but I have a deadline - Thanksgiving - and that's almost like a plan of attack.

Next week, I turn 34 - no big plans as yet. I'm thinking cupcakes may be in order.

Nothing else new to report - except that the doctor said I could benefit from more sleep. He's not kidding!

So, I'm going to go follow doctor's orders.