Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh

So yesterday, I spent the day jet-setting hither and yon. I took an early flight to Denver, put in a full day of training, then headed from Mile High City back to Music City.

Denver, for what I saw of it, was beautiful - wish I could have stayed longer.

The airport in Denver is neat - I sent my favorite little nephew a postcard with a picture of the airport, from the airport. Never say Auntie doesn't have a sense of humor.

Being gone for a whole day threw off my balance - so I'm thrilled that we're in the weekend! So much to do.

I want to hit the library, the YMCA, and clean house. We're meeting Mom and Dad for lunch and to swap cars on Sunday.

And then, it's Monday again.

So, make the most of it! Stat.

But first. Sleep.