Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Tonight, I'm kind of wishing there were someone you could call, like Domino's Pizza, but instead of getting the Meat Lover's with green olives, you could put in a call for a pan of hot brownies, half with nuts for my husband, half without for me, and a pint of Hagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream.

I'm craving sweets, and I know it's because I had a tough day at the office.

Seems like no matter how much good I do (and believe me, I'm not worthless by a long shot), there's always something unexpected that I haven't gotten to, or forgot about that comes back to bite me in the buttocks. So...there I sit, ass-bitten and feeling sorry for myself.

As previously mentioned, I am trying to get organized, but you can't undo in a week what took a lifetime to create.

And the fact that I'm a charming, articulate, people person only goes so far. Trust me on this.

So I'm craving a cake to help me celebrate my pity party.

And there is nothing even remotely sweet in this house. Curses!

Sure, I could go out and pick up something - maybe a little trip to Sonic, but get real - I have to go back to my doctor for a cholesterol and glucose screening on the 21st.

What it comes down to is this - I know I'm not an idiot. I just need to prove it.

But, man, I really, really want a brownie and ice cream. It's that specific of a craving.



Unknown said…
I had too many dunkin donuts this weekend. Just FYI.

How was camping?