Posting on Posterboard


I went to Office Depot today to pick up posterboard and markers. Which, to be honest, are two items I haven't needed or wanted since college.

But the debate is here in Nashville tomorrow, and I have big plans. I'm making a sign:

Lefthander for Obama!

He's all right!

I need to go to Home Depot on the way home - I'm using a paint stirrer as the stick for my sign, and I need batteries for the camera, and also, I want to get some paint sample cards - I want to repaint my cedar chest that I snagged from the tribal elders.

I want to do something in an earth tone, but that may not happen... Matt likes the chest in the current color - Martha Stewart Hydrangea Blue. Which is great, but doesn't work with anything in the room we want to use it in.

Decisions, decisions!