I was told there would be no math...

Having spent 30 years in the Eastern Time zone, I am only now, having left, aware of how obnoxiously self-righteous those people are.

Now that I'm in Central, I have to adjust for the fact that primte time television starts an hour earlier (which does mean I don't fall asleep before SNL), and in the winter, during Daylight Savings, it gets dark way earlier. Think about this - Nashville isn't that much further west than Atlanta, and yet, there's an hour time difference.

All of this has come to a head today.

Since I work with people in all time zones, all over the world, I am mindful when scheduling appointments. But today, I got a bunch of guff from a colleague who kept telling me that something was going to take place 2:30-4:30...and then finally added... Eastern.

Not that I didn't know the clients are located in Charlotte, but since the two of us are sitting here in Nashville, a good seven hour drive from Charlotte, well, I think it was reasonable for me to assume that if he meant Eastern, he would convert the damn time when he was making the appointment, and not just assume I'm psychic.

I'm not.

Lest you think I'm inflexible, I have conducted training on Saturday mornings, sitting on my back porch. I have conducted training at night to appease some Australians.

Friggin time zones.