They're not ready for this jelly...

So, big day today, sports fans! I'm taking the jelly over to the Ag building at the fairground and officially entering it for judging.

The Fiery Pineapple turned out great - it jelled, it tastes awesome. Matt thinks it may be too hot for the judges. Oh well, we'll see.

The Pepper Jelly is pretty, it tastes good, and it's set - so... I don't know.

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up - the important thing is that we had a great habanero crop this year, I have two batches of Pepper jelly, plus a few jars of Fiery Pineapple, and I had fun making them. I've been visualizing a ribbon though.

Regardless, I'll get to look at the goats at the fair, and they're just plain nifty.

I'm starting to plan Thanksgiving - I know, it's only the first week of September, but these things take time, especially if I want to create a new tablesetting this year. Which I might.

I also need to start thinking Halloween.

Have I mentioned that I love Fall?