Sunday 7AM Wake Up Call

Early this morning, I got up to take the dog out for her morning pee, and I was startled to find a dead possum laying at my back door. I jerked Lola away from the thing and into the backyard to pee, then jerked her back inside to find Matt waiting for us and wondering what I had been screaming about.

He suggested we give the possum a chance to leave of his/her own volition, thinking that perhaps, he/she was just faking, which is to say, playing possum.

It's now 9AM, and the possum is still there. I'm thinking dead. Or else, really dedicated to the possum genetic mandate.

As it turns out, the city has a dead animal collection service - I have to wait til Monday to reach them, so in the interim, we're going to get a heavy duty contractor bag and a shovel, and remove the possum from the doorway and put it at the curb. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a yard-a-pult!

It's not that I have anything against possums, it's just that, like most people, I think a dead animal at the back door is kind of an unpleasant way to start the day.

When my sister was a kid, my parents gave her a stuffed animal - a mother possum with two babies that velcroed to her back. Dad used to make it sing "Dancing in the Moonlight" for us. That's a happy memory.

We have a big day ahead of us - recycling, yardwork, housework, laundry, dead animal removal.

On a positive note - I was able to get a full tank of gas last night - there's a gas shortage/panic here in Nashville, and 70-80% of the gas stations are wiped out.

If only we could get a car to run on deceased marsupials, we'd be set.