Party like it's 5769!

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is this coming Monday, and I have to admit, I always tend to think of fall as the start of a new year, too. Maybe it’s because in a month and a day from today, I’ll be 34.

Plus, with no disrespect to Spring Fever, there’s something about Fall that makes me want to lift up my shirt and yell "WOOOO" like a Girl Gone Wild ™. I love the colors of fall, the weather, the sports, the feeling that something exciting is just around the corner.

We’re having friends over tonight, so I made a stop to my favorite bakery in Nashville – Homestyle Bakery on Murfreesboro Rd. They do great things with cake. And icing.

I picked up a dozen coconut macaroons for the party - possibly a mistake - because, awesome as it is, not everyone likes coconut. Ah well – it’s not the end of the world. I may pick up ice cream to go with.

But because it’s Friday, and I’m in a good mood, and the state of the world, despite the fact that the economy is about to “crater” (thanks, David Letterman), is good, I also picked up cookies for my teammates at the office. – Footballs and Helmets – iced sugar cookies. I’ll go back next week and get a little something for Mom and Dad’s visit – they had little cakes shaped and iced like pumpkins. Too cute! And that’s to say nothing of the cupcakes. I’ll put in a stash of those for Laura in a few months.

Anyway, the cookies went over well – who wouldn’t want a sugary sussy on a Friday afternoon?

Speaking of sussies – I talked with Dad on the way to the bakery – today is “The Big Spay” – I remember being a nervous wreck the day they did Lola – I must have called the vet a dozen times. But she did great and so will Maggie. But anyway - Dad got Miss Maggie a new collar, a nylabone and some tennis balls for when she gets to feeling better.

I’d scoff, but I bought Lola a politically themed toy (a red, white and blue elephant) for tonight’s debate. Lola is a dixiecrat, I thought she’d enjoy eviscerating and desqueakifying the pachyderm.

My regards to Thomas Nast!