Locust Falter

Two things.


The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator:

I'm Locust Falter Palin, my husband, regrettably, is Buster Taint Palin.


If I'm in the deli on the first floor, minding my own and picking up the Raisinettes that are going to fuel me through the afternoon, I am not free game to talk business. Even if I am so good, I know the answers off the top of my head.

Floors 2 and 3 are for business, and floor one is where I go to walk away for a few minutes and deal with my sugar jones.

It's enough to make a girl take up smoking. Crack.

I kid.

Seriously, though. Maybe I'll just buy bubbles and go outside for a "blowing break".


Unknown said…
I'm Beretta Hockey Palin - hell to the yeah!