It'll really do you in, if you let it get under your skin...

So, apparently, I pulled a little poison ivy along with the other weeds this past weekend. In the space between my index and middle finger of my right hand, I'm seeing a little rash that looks sadly familiar.

The last time I got poison ivy was August of 2004, after spending a little time in Dalton with my then boyfriend, soon-to-be fiance and now husband, Matt. That was on my leg, and it was small, and disappeared quickly. Here's hoping.

It just occurred to me that I let a special date pass without noticing. Everyone has their own personal holidays that they celebrate in a special way - for me, September 19th will always be remembered as the day we got engaged. And I completely let it pass this year.

Oh well! I guess I was too busy fighting dead possums and contracting skin rashes.

Not much happening here. We're fighting a gas shortage - I believe because people are panicking about an imagined scarcity. Apparently, more of the same in Atlanta - Dad is contemplating siphoning from his lawnmower to give his Jeep a boost.

We've got lots of things coming up though - this Friday, we're hosting a Debate Viewing party, then next weekend, Mom and Dad come. Dad will have just had a cataract removed - OS (that's ocularis sinestra or left eye for those of you not in the medical field). And sweet Maggie, Hell Pug will have just had her lady parts removed. So, they'll be a little worse for the wear, but I'll be glad to see them - they're bringing furniture, and that's never a bad thing. A cedar chest, a chest of drawers and a rocking chair for the front porch. Yaaay!

Then a few weeks after that, we're working on an Oktoberfest with some friends, and's only a matter of weeks til Thanksgiving.

Where has this year gone? In some ways, it feels like it's lasted forever, because so much has happened, but because so much has happened, it also feels like it's gone by in a flash.

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly go the years...