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GOP= Got Ourself Pregnant

I know that Senator Obama has to take the high road about Bristol Palin’s bastard baby (OK, OK love child), but I don’t.

1. Think about the guy you were dating at age 17 – would you want to be married to him now? In my case, he’s actually married to the girl he dated after he dumped me. Also, he wasn't very nice, truth be told. And he had a goofy nose. And he was also kind of a rat-bastard liar. But that was 17 years ago, and I am so over it!

2. I think it’s great that the Evangelicals are proud of her decision to have the kid – but why not give it up for adoption? Why do you have to get married at age 17? And what makes you getting married will make you a good parent? If you and loverboy can't be responsible enough to get some condoms or get the Pill, how on earth are you going get your shit together enough to raise a kid?

3. Why hasn’t anyone blamed Governor Palin for her daughter’s indiscretion? If she had been a good stay at home mother – taking the time to be there for her progeny, her kid wouldn’t have had premarital sex and gotten knocked up? Abstinence only, indeed. Sarah Palin chose a career over her children, and her daughter is paying the price.

Now, I don’t really believe point 3, but seriously, why are they canonizing the daughter and not demonizing the mother? Seems to me like they’re all about family values, but only when it’s convenient.

I am glad that Obama is behaving nicely about it, but personally, I think someone needs to shake some sense into the kid and her mother.