Fighting Vainly the Old Ennui

I guess I'm having some end-of-Summer doldrums. I feel completely lethargic, but antsy. A thrilling, discordant combo-pak if there ever was one.

Nothing much new to report - my nephew Henry has discovered squealing, and he's quite good at it. I'm looking forward to seeing my favorite Kansans at Thanksgiving!

We have that to look forward to - though not for a good 10 weeks. I'm also planning an Oktoberfest with the gang, as well as one kick-ass Halloween Costume... more on that another day, though - I don't want moles infiltrating my site and stealing my ideas!

Mom and Dad are offering to come up with some furniture and to offer carpentry and domestic assistance some time in October - I'm getting some pushback from the Patriarch - he likes going to the mountains in the Fall, and I get that, but I hope they'll make time to come up and see us.

So for now, I'm checking out the check out stands for good Fall holiday magazines. There's little I enjoy more than sifting through the glossy pages. It's a guilty pleasure.

That's it for now - maybe I'll get some sleep tonight and be a little less boring going forward.