Yesterday, I was feeling kind of off, kind of gummy in my ears, and everything sounded really "metallic" - so I went to the Minute Clinic over at the CVS, and good news - my ears are just fine.

The bad news? My blood pressure was high.

Not so high that I rushed to the ER or anything, but high enough that she told me to go see a doctor and get some meds.

I was, at first, completely floored. Hypertension? Me? Really?

And then I started actually thinking about it, and well yeah - it starts making some sense. For instance - my feet ankles and legs getting really swollen during my trip to Seattle - that vague quasi-dizzy feeling I've had for a few weeks. Hmmm.

Not to mention, the fact that I've eaten exactly what I wanted for the past six months. And my lackluster workout schedule. And the stress, and the genetic predisposition.

The irony is that I was talking with my boss yesterday about hypertension - he's prone, and because of that, he drinks VitaminWater for the low sodium. And then later that day, I'm blindsided with the same damn thing.

So I've got a consultation next Friday, and I'll have to do a physical after that. And I'm sure my weight is going to come up, and my inactive lifestyle, and of course, the fact that Dad is a diabetic with kidney and heart issues.

Looking forward to that.

Of course, in pure "kill the messenger" fashion, I told the nurse practitioner, "Well, at least I don't smoke." I knew she was a smoker because of her distinct aroma when she leaned in to check out my perfect ears. Granted - she was super thin and probably in great health, but screw her - I was scared and angry and I lashed out. If she didn't want that treatment, she shouldn't have gone into medicine. I'm kidding. In retrospect, I do feel bad getting that dig in at her, but she shouldn't be a smoking nurse, either.

Oh well - I guess I'll be back riding the Weight Watchers Train to Healthytown!

All aboooooooard!