Runway, Trapper Keepers, and Anti-August Sentiment

Tonight, Episode Four of Season Five of Project Runway. My tradition, starting mid-season 2, has been to go watch with my friend Rosie, who is the hostess with the mostest, and fabulous and fashionable to boot. Also, Matt refers to it as the "Screaming Queen Hour" - and though we're both as Straight-But-Not-Narrow as they come, he has a point - this show seems to attract some dramatic homosexual men as contestants. What's the pithy saying? Stereotypes and generalizations are a real time-saver!

Before I get to that though, I need to hit Staples. I need a binder, some dividers and I'd like a cheapo cork board - my office overfloweth - actually, I could hit up Michael's for a poster frame, make a collage and essentially accomplish the same thing for cheaper. As for the binder, I need that, and I need it now. That would be ideal. Although, the bossman suggested that I order it thru the company - see, that's why he's the boss.

I still need to hit up Michael's.

But in re: binders - do they still make Trapper Keepers? And if so, what's on them? Dora the Explorer? Hannah Montana? And to that point - why do all kid entertainment entities have to rhyme? Jeez.

And finally, I submit a piece they republish every year on that never fails to amuse - it talks about getting rid of August - one of the reasons? It's the only month without a holiday - and that, mes amis, is exactly why Matt and I picked that month to get married.

Here's the article, by David Plotz:

Amusez-vous bien!