Jelly, The Sequel

Since my first shot at this year’s pepper jelly wasn’t quite up to par to submit for judging, I tried again Sunday night. This time, with more pectin. As it cooled, it was pure liquid, and I resigned myself to submitting from batch number one and being a loser. Again.

But Monday night, I called Matt from Houston and asked him to take a look at it – and what do you know? It set! Really and truly set – like JELLY. So, now all I have to do is make one more “creative or unusual” batch, and watch the magic happen.

Glad to be back from Houston – a good trip, but really, when all you see is your hotel and their conference room, I could have been in Tulsa, Oslo, or Swababia* – there’s not a lot of difference. Although, the car ride was nice – I sat in the back seat, which meant I could ogle the landscape and wasn’t required to add much to the conversation, nor was I asked to navigate. I made myself comfortable and watched the trees, powerlines and Whataburgers whiz past my window. I also made a comment on how much I liked Michelle Obama’s speech which I gleefully knew would be met with a “hmmpph”. I love Republican Baiting. It should be a sport.

Friday, I meet my new doctor for the first time, get on the scale and subject myself to physical scrutiny. It might be a good thing for me to start having accountability, but then, it also makes me sound like I’m project managing my own body. Which, come to think of it, might be an interesting tack to take.

Friday evening, Matt and I will hit the road - we’re going to the mountains for another Work Day – where I’ll be feared by roadside overgrowth, which I’ll handily knock out with shears. Note to self – bring shears – using borrowed ones spells disaster. Last Labor Day, I stepped in a yellow jacket nest, got stung about 14 times. And found a dead jacket in my bra. Let’s hope for an incident free day this time.

Beyond that, no news is no news. I can’t believe it’s nearly September. In exactly two months, I’ll be 34. Which means, among other things, I’ve been donating blood for half my life. Wow, am I exciting!

*Swababia doesn't exist - Matt and I made it up. Although, technically, maybe it does exist and we just don't know about it.