I'll tell you where you can stick it!

I’ve decided how I’m going to make my first million – bumper sticker camouflage.

In 2004, I got laid off right after the election, and because I was interviewing, I took off my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker. I didn’t want to have an interviewer walk me to my car, get turned off by my beliefs, and not give me a job.

Now, my car has been sufficiently restickered. I have an Obama sticker, one that says "1/20/09 – End of an Error", a Wag More/Bark Less decal, and one from the Stax Museum in Memphis proclaiming me as a “Soul Woman”.

I am proud of every last one of my stickers, but as it happens, we’re going to the mountains this weekend – and we’re the lone liberal family on the mountain. So, rather than catch a ton of shit from people who love their guns, family values and McCain, I park my car to where the stickers can’t be seen. It’s that, or listen to someone tell me that people choose to be gay, and can be rehabbed out of it. No and NO! Even if I don’t show my stickers, I’ll be getting an earful of opinions completely counter to my own, and that’s plenty. P-L-E-N-T-Y!

So, taking this into account, wouldn’t it be great if you could buy magnetic bumper stickers with benign messages to temporarily cover up your inflammatory beliefs?

“I Brake For Dolphins” , “My Mom Makes the Best Meatloaf” , “ I (Heart) The Smell of a New Box of Crayons”, “Don’t Forget to Floss!”

Think of the possibilities!


Unknown said…
what about the poppin wheelies for jesus one?