The Lonestar State

So, I'm in Texas. It's hot and humid. I'm prepping for a demo tomorrow AM that is kicking my butt.

Had a great meal tonight, but why do people feel compelled to discuss politics at the dinner table? Rudeness!

I've been putting in some extra hours at the office, and the house is a mess. I'd love a week of 8-5 days, come home, make dinner using stuff from the garden. Which probably needs watering, come to think of it.

I wish I had something, anything interesting to share. Work is going well and so the long hours have been worth it. But work talk is boring unless you're involved.

My bike is ready at the shop - I should see if Matt can get it for the weekend. If not, I fly out again on Sunday (Seattle).

What is it about air travel that makes me break out into a sweat? Maybe I'm worried that the drug dogs will sniff out my stash...

On that note, I have miles to go before I sleep. A bientot!