Location, Location, Location

When we bought our house, there were three key selling points our realtor missed - she wouldn't have had any way to know:

1. We are located close enough to Greer Stadium that when they have Friday and Saturday fireworks at Sounds games, we can hear them - and even see a few. Lola's aversion to fireworks is greatly lessened.

2. We are about a mile and change from a Colonial Bread bakery - and some mornings (Thursdays seem to be a sure thing), you can smell bread baking when you take the dog out.

3. This last one may be an olfactory hallucination, but we're also a few blocks away from Mrs. Winners, and occasionally, I smell fried chicken.

We're also near the Emergency Vet and the Fire Station - so all three of us are covered for safety. And, we can walk to Mafiaoza's, Las Paletas, Trim, the Taproom, etc.

For me though - it's all about the bread baking.

One last thing - my favorite comic strip, Rhymes With Orange comes up with a winner nearly every day - but Hilary Price's July 3rd offering hit especially close to home:

Considering that Lola is never far from her cone (or hotspots), I found this one especially amusing.

More of her treasures can be found at http://rhymeswithorange.com

Off to bring home the bacon bits!