Full Blown Crud

So whatever it was I thought I was coming down with, I came down with. It's not flu - maybe just a cold or low-grade sinus infection. As a result, flying home yesterday was super awesome. I kept popping my ears every five minutes - and they still feel gummy. Plus my throat hurts and my joints ache a little. It could be worse. One row ahead of me, this sweet little Indian girl threw up. I felt bad for her, and just as bad for the woman sitting next to her and her grandma.

That said, it's good to be home. Matt and I celebrated his birthday with presents, Mexican food and a coconut cake (thanks, Pepperidge Farms!). Lola looks skinny, but I gave her a bath and she's been pretty playful.

Today, I mostly slept, because that's what my crud demanded of me. We did take time to hit Sam Ash - and Matt bought me a new ukulele book - Hollywood tunes.

I would have bought it myself, but I left my ATM card in a machine in the Nashville airport yesterday afternoon - I needed cash to pay the cab, and in my hurry to get the hell home, 5/3 Bank (which should be 1 2/3 Bank, if we're cleaning up the fraction), now has my card in their posession. Suntrust is cancelling that card and sending me a new one. Yeeha. Good news is, I have some cash because I went to the ATM.

I've done a few loads of laundry, and I'll be honest - I'm anxious about coming back to work after having been gone for a week and change. It's all good - but at the same time, it's that old Sunday night dread creeping back, which has never happened before. I know that my compromised immune system and my sleep deprivation are adding to the anxiety, but that doesn't make it any better.

I've got to come up with an idea for dinner - I'd like a grilled cheese and a bowl of soup over at Noshville, but when don't I want that?