Where's my stuff? I want stuff!

Observations, late Tuesday:

- If polish on your fingernails or toenails is chipped all to hell, just take it off - no matter what you think, naked is better than half-assed.

- If you can't figure out the change if I give you 1.01 on a .96 purchase, I deserve that dime you gave me.

- Don't ask a question unless you are either sure of the answer, or can handle whatever answer is given.

- Sometimes, the answer is no - and you carbon copying other people on the e mail doesn't make me more likely to want to help you, even if I could.

- Eating Krystal after 7PM is a bad idea. Eating it before then isn't much better.

- I'm all for Bonnaroo, but the fact that it falls on Father's Day weekend sucks.

- It pisses me off when I'm shopping online, and I only find out that what I want is backordered once I hit checkout.

- Plus-sized clothing manufacturers...many women of size aren't keen on showing their arms - what's with all the sundresses? Sleeves, please.

- Part two - pairing your sundresses with a coordinating jacket or crochet sweater doesn't count as sleeves (not to mention, it's outdated and hideous) - can you please, please come up with some dresses that have actual sleeves - and not cap sleeves - they're actually worse than sleeveless.

- Part three - while we're at it - what's with all the matte jersey - for anyone who is the slightest bit lumpy, it looks like crap. Here's what I want. A few casual dresses, with sleeves in a cotton or polycotton blend. NOT KNIT. Seriously. How freaking hard is that? And don't show me a caftan or muumuu or trapeze dress. I still have a shape, after all. I just want a nice dress with a little integrity.

- Speaking of integrity - saw a bumper sticker today asking if we really wanted to have a blonde as president. Even though I'm an Obama supporter - that pissed me off. I mean, if you want to attack Hillary Clinton, can't you find something more salient that hair color or gender?

There's plenty more where that came from. More soon.



Unknown said…
The worst sticker I've seen "Life's a Bitch - Don't vote for one". You (generally speaking) may like HC but really - do you have to resort to that?

And amen on the dresses and the freakin' sleeves!!