No stalgia, please.

So I did end up going to Harry's over the weekend (the key purchases being heirloom tomatoes and cherries). I saw an old boss, Mr. K, there - back from my teens - he then went to work in the accounting group, where he once informed me that I needed all my bills to be facing the same way when I turned them in. I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. This is probably the first instance of my lack of detail in the workplace rearing its ugly head. Come on, I didn't mix the $5s and the $20s - does it really matter if Washington is facing the same way throughout the stack? Apparently, yes.

Anyway, I went up and reintroduced myself - he eventually recognized me, but indicated that when I had worked there, I was a lot thinner. Yes, thanks for the reminder - I had almost blocked that out. And you sir, are much older. Much, much older. And still kind of anal.

Nonethless -a fun trip to my old stomping ground, and dinner that night was perfect, if I say so myself.

Dad is now home and glad to be there. I helped Matt put in a second stair rail to aid Dad in getting up stairs - they're now on both sides of the stairwell, thus enabling safer climbing. It was a good weekend, and things are starting to feel somewhat normal again.

We're going to stay in Nashville this coming weekend - woo hoo! I'm bombed out. I need time to clean, relax and get a few things done. If I can squeeze in a haircut, it will be a miracle. A massage would be too much to ask, even though I have a gift cert that is begging to be used. I also desperately need a brow wax and pedicure - hey - looking natural as I do takes work, people. Lots and lots of work. And also very little. It's complicated.

Grooming aside, it'll be nice to have a weekend to fatten Lola up and play with her instead of Maggie the Pug. A sweet ball of fur, but I've missed my baby.

Lots of buzz on the SATC movie. I liked the series pretty well (though I stopped getting cable a few seasons in, so I've only seen some of it), but I have no intention to see the movie. Something about four skinny chicks hustling around NYC in their fancy shoes and designer bags. No thanks. Having been to NYC recently, I can tell you this. If I lived there I'd spend my money on theater tickets - Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, n'importe quelle! To eat, I'd get ginormous slices of pizza, street hot dogs and black and white cookies. Screw Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin...give me a pair of Birkenstocks and an Orchestra Level ticket to the South Pacific revival (Danny Burstein, I love you!).

I don't know - I don't have any desire to see the new Indiana Jones, either. Going to movies is such a crapshoot - especially if, like me, you're a nut. I have to be there, in my seat and ready to go when the lights go down, and I resent anyone who feels differently.

I also have a problem with Mom and Dad bringing their toddler to a 9:30PM showing of a rated R film. If you can't find a sitter, get Netflix and wait six months. Come on!

That said, Matt's watching a recent arrival from Netflix - recent being a relative term. I have decided to give myself a pass on the last six weeks and assume we'll do better from now on. Grand Theft Auto 4 hasn't helped our viewing habits any, either. Matt "finished" the game - which is to say, the storyline. He's at 65% completion of the available stuff. That thing was addicitive - we both got our money's worth on it.

Bought some picks for the uke, and a pitch pipe to tune it. I now have to decide if I want to use GCEA tuning or ADF#B. The book I have uses the latter, but everything online supports the former. To say nothing of the fact that I've learned 5 chords tuned as is. Decisions, decisions!
We're planning a trip to Sam Ash this week, maybe that will give me some clarity.

That's all for now, I think.