Morte aux insectes!

Busy weekend - we got quite a bit of general home care and maintenance done, culminating in a twilight session in the garden tonight.

I'd love to tell you that I washed each leaf of each tomato plant lovingly with an organic soap and mountain spring water, then played a rousing death march on my ukulele, sending the aphids into the hereafter in a kind, peaceful way.

That's great, but who has the time? Basically, I sprayed the living hell out of the tomatoes with Sevin. Better living through chemicals!

If I find dead bluebirds on my lawn tomorrow, I'll know it was a mistake. But my rationalization is that if they sell it at Wal-Mart, it has to be wholesome. This same rationalization speaks to why they didn't have a copy of David Sedaris' newest book. I want that book.

So, hopefully the plants will still be alive in the morning with a greatly diminished infestation.

In other news, one of my single guy friends this weekend told us that he could tell if a woman was married or not by the way she walks. I asked him if I walked like a married woman and he nodded gravely - he told me it was also evident in the way I dressed, the way I carried myself and by my hairstyle. I basically think he was telling me I've let myself go. I have to laugh. Honestly, very little has changed about my walk, hair, clothes or carriage in three years. I've always been low maintenance. There hasn't been much to let go. Also - he's only known me since I've been married, so how does he know what I used to be like. Apparently, this is bothering me more than I initially realized.

Speaking of maintenance - I wasn't able to get an appointment for hair until the 25th - the day we go see Tom and Laura in Atlanta. Oh well, at least I'll arrive well-coiffed.

I still need a pedicure - it's been...over a month. I'd love to get a massage. But I'd trade all that for 72 hours in a dark, cold, quiet room with a comfortable bed.

Right now, though, I need some aloe. I spent a little too much time in the sun today without the benefit of SPF, and my face is en fuego.

I feel kind of guilty about the Sevin, but times are hard. I got my catalog from the State Fair people containing my entry form for the jelly. I need to seriously plan my strategy. This year, I want a ribbon.