Making Up for Lost Time

So finally, Thursday, I got a haircut. I feel three inches taller!

After that, we headed down to Atlanta, where I met my precious little nephew, Henry, for the first time. He is completely amazing. And that's coming from someone who isn't generally a baby enthusiast. But I held him a bunch, he rarely cries, he's happy, a good sleeper, a great eater. What more could you want? Pictures are forthcoming.

Our extended family came for a little party on Saturday - my cousin Mary brought her chocolate fountain. Which was just AWESOME. Pictures of that, too. Soon.

I got some rest - not a lot, but it was a restful weekend if that makes sense.

The drive back was, as usual, a bitch. And I know Monday is going to be punishing, as my friend Kathy would say. I was only gone for an 8 hour work day - I checked in a half dozen times and it's still a Class-5 cluster - next week I'm taking Thursday as a personal day, and we get Friday off to celebrate Independence Day. Nice! We're heading back down to Atlanta, picking up Dad, and taking him to the mountains. Mom is volunteering for the Peachtree Road Race and will meet us later.

I'm beyond happy!

That's all for now - I need to rest up for an ass-kicking Monday.