I am what I am...

So, I went out to lunch with some co-workers today - a rare phenomenon. We went to a place called "Fish, Wings n Thangs". I had wings, and I've been belching non-stop ever since.

I was joking with another co-worker about said belching, telling him I'm a classy lady. He informed me, very seriously, that I'm not a classy lady, but I'm real, and that's much better.

So after work, I took my real self to a clothing store what specializes in larger sizes for the full-figured gal, and I tried on some things I've been scoping out on their website.

What a disaster!

I'm feeling self-conscious because I'm going to be spending time with thinner people in a few weeks, and I hate looking like I currently do. But not enough to stop eating hot wings for lunch, apparently.

Matt took a spill last night while taking a bike ride. He hit his shoulder and jammed it into the sidewalk pretty good - we went to Vanderbilt ER, and they x-rayed it. Nothing is broken, but Matt's taking a short break from his shooting schedule, and they gave him a few Loritab. Lucky bastard.

Me, I've got Benadryl... and large wobbly albino arms.

But I'm real (or so I'm told), I'm known for my generous spirit, my caring demeanor, and for being sturdy.

These are all good things.

And as lyricist Jerry Herman wrote...

"Life's not worth a damn til you can say, 'Hey, world, I am what I am.' "

Of course, he was talking about cross-dressing and homosexuality, but...whatever.

Ain't no thang but a chicken wing.

Of course, I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a few cute pieces to fill out my wardrobe. Especially because I found out I've got three in-face trainings this summer.

/Vapid Fashion Rant