Checking it twice

I'm a list maker. I firmly believe in the power of the written word - good thing, or that Journalism degree might have been a waste of time.

So, by nature, I am a list maker. I get this from both parents in different ways.

Dad makes grocery lists that run the same order as the aisle of the store. I tend to do the same, though really, I check out the meat section first, and then base my vegetables on my protein selection. It's just how I do things - drives Matt nuts.

Mom makes lists of what she wants to do, what she needs to do it and so on. I come by my habits honestly.

Here's my list for the weekend:

-Pedicure (mission accomplished - ten little piggies in OPI's "My Own Private Jet")

-Massage (booked for 10:45 tomorrow - I dare them to be without a masseuse this time)

-Shopping for new clothes; as Mom put it - I'm the total package, I just need new wrapping paper

-Flowers for my deck - probably lantana, though marigolds are calling my name too


-Graduation present for Tom (if it were up to me, a bottle of Scotch, but that's a bitch to travel with)

-Dollar Store (need to cruise the aisles)

-Ukulele practice (sorely lacking)

-Exercise (will this be the one I blow off?)

-Clean bathrooms (or will this be the one I blow off?)

-Bookstore - still jonesing for the new David Sedaris

-Used bookstore - have credits there and haven't ever read any Jane Austen - ever

-Gas up car

-Start packing list for next weekend


-Buy sponges for kitchen

Matt's on a shoot til tomorrow night, so this leaves me plenty of time. I just need to figure out a few things.

Like how to squeeze it all in.

And...which mall to hit. My instinct tells me either Cool Springs or Rivergate - both have their merits.

It's been a heck of a week. I'm going to go pop in a DVD and chill.

Either "Best in Show" or season one of Arrested Development.

Sometimes, being a grownup kicks butt. I had a Coke Icee for dinner. It was kind of gross, but I got it out of my system.

Also - good news - I finally figured out where the smell in my mudroom was coming from - hint, the fact that it smelled like onion should tell you the bad news. Thus, the other good news is that said onion, now in liquid form, was still in a Kroger bag, thus making cleanup easier.