Whatever happened to?

Do you remember Planters Cheez Balls - they came in a blue and yellow canister? Fake cheese bliss in orange ball form. They don't make them anymore. I don't know why, but they were the best of their kind. I'll take cheese in any form - expensive French stinky stuff, orange faux cheese food - it's all good.

I was also thinking recently about Rose Milk hand lotion. This was hugely popular among the grandmotherly set in my youth. I was at a wedding last summer where they threw rose petals at the couple as they left on their honeymoon - I started reminiscing about that lotion with two other women my age - as it turns out, you can still buy it: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=79036&catid=10394

And the packaging hasn't really changed since the 70's.

The other thing I think of often is these Smiley Face cookies we used to get at Rich's department store as a kid. Finding other people who remember this takes some doing - basically, you had to be living in Atlanta in the late 70's, and be a Rich's customer (as opposed to Davison's, which was crapola).

My sister remembers them, I've Googled them and I can't find anything.

They were these great sugar cookies with a yellow icing and chocolate eyes and smile. Holy smokes, were they good!

I can tell it's time for dinner - I'm preoccupied with food.

We're heading to Atlanta tonight, and the weather looks crummy. Oh well.

The people at the vet were so nice when I brought Lola in. If you have a pet, live in Nashville, and need a vet, Berry Hill Animal Hospital is exceptional. Highly recommended, and we all know when it comes to Lola, I'm picky!

We will get to see Maggie, my parents' pug this weekend. So. Very. Spoiled. She's sweet, but she needs a LOT of attention.

Back to food, I'd love to have a meal at Pastis while we're in town, but it seems mean to go have a nice French dinner sans père.

Speaking of - the picture up top is from Christmas - Dad is showing off a present I bought him in NYC. Ever since he saw an Episode of Real Sex that featured "Clowning" - it's been a family in-joke that he has a thing for them.