Still Crazy After All These Years...

So, lots of good news - most importantly - Dad got moved to Cardiac Rehab. Yaaay. We made the move unexpectedly - they pulled the trigger yesterday, and around 2:30 this afternoon, we made the quarter mile drive to the facility. It's...not bad - it's basically a nursing home type place where they'll get him stronger, work his muscles a little, get him climbing stairs and then send him home.

His roommate is kind of an a-hole. Dad is supposed to have his own TV - the room only has one, and roommate, who I have started referring to as "Turd in the Punchbowl" made a big deal about not sharing "his" TV and that it was an issue with the last roommate. Whatever, pal. I did get Dad a little tabletop fan for his nightstand - that place is really stuffy. In every sense of the word. Turd seems to favor Fox News, for starters.

The massage last night was incredible. I'd like another one, stat. If you're ever at the East Cobb Massage Envy (located in Merchant's Festival), ask for Allison - she moved her as a result of Hurricane Katrina - she's super funny, strong as an ox, and I feel 100% better!

The other interesting bit from last night - even though I graduated 15 years ago, I ran into one of my high school teachers in the parking lot at the hospital, and she recognized me...which boggles the mind. I got her e mail address so that we could catch up!

So, tomorrow, Dad's sister, my Aunt Mary is coming to visit him at the facility - which Dad has lovingly renamed the Drool n Poop. I am anxious - because I picked the facility, if she thinks it sucks, it's my "fault", Even though I did my dead level best on a real time crunch! Dad seems to be OK. We set him up with some snacks, the fan, some gum and earplugs, so that Turd's TV won't keep him awake.

The second bit of good news in all of this is that they let Dad take a shower before he left St. Joe's. All we had to do was ask. He felt so much better. The bypass saved his life, but the shower cured him.

Taking a cue from that, tonight, I'm taking a hot bath, liberating a Soma from the medicine cabinet, and falling into what I can only describe as my weekly Soma Coma.

I know -it's wrong to take scrips that don't belong to you.

But it feels so right!