Ukulele eUphoria

Here's a picture of my ukulele. Not as interesting as Henry, but you know, sometimes it's all about me.
So far, in my Google searches, my favorite ukulele website is:
I can't help it - I love a good URL.
Also coming up in my quest for more fun - an outing to Thirsty Thursday at the Sounds game!
My friends, baseball, cheap beer! I can't wait!
We had a little time so we went and gave blood tonight - I've been a donor since I was 17, and it's the easiest thing I can do to help out my fellow man. Dad got at least six units of whole blood during his ordeal. He's O positive, as are Matt and I - so we feel like we're 1/3 of the way there in paying it back. I know that being a blood donor isn't for everyone, but it's so easy! And I make a contest out of it - to see who can get done first. I can usually fill the pint in less than seven minutes - great at the Red Cross, but worthless in a knife fight!
Other than that, no news is no news. I'm still waiting on Lola's DNA test results - I e mailed the customer support for the lab allegedly processing the sample, but no response yet. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm really excited that Lola isn't boarding this weekend - I'm taking her with me because Mom will board Maggie to go see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew.
We're going on a trip with Matt's family next weekend - I'm excited about that, though I don't have details just yet.
For now though, it's time to rest!