Mixed Anecdote Medley

So later today, we're meeting up with Matt's family for a little R&R. Much needed. I'll head back down to Atlanta next weekend, and hopefully Dad will be home by then, or close to it.

We spent about an hour visiting with our next door neighbors last night. The little boy of the house, age 3, loves Matt - they play with his cars on the front porch, Matt roughhouses with him, and they're good pals.

What's funny, though, is that this little guy thinks - or, used to think - that I'm Matt's mother. This is not the first time a kid has thought that - though the last time it happened was with an old ex-boyfriend when I was in my 20's.

I can see where he'd get that idea. First of all, he lives in a "non-traditional household" - his "Mama" is a woman in her 70's - no relation to him - who has legal custody of the little guy. So his concept of husband and wife isn't as relevant as his concept of mother and child. Also, I will interrupt their car play to take Matt home - for whatever reason - we have to go out, dinner is ready, etc. Finally, I think that he thinks anyone who plays as well as Matt must be a kid - a really big kid.

He finally got straightened out on the matter, but he still loves Matt the best. Who can blame him?

Last night, he showed us all his dance moves and informed us that Beyonce is his girlfriend. Smart kid. I'm hatching a plan to take him to the zoo for his 4th birthday, later this summer.

In other news, still no word on Lola's DNA, which means probably some time next week. I grow weary of waiting. Though we did watch the aforementioned "spy camera" episode of The Simpsons (an episode which is 19 years old, no kidding) last night.

My uke playing has stalled out - due in part to an insane work schedule.

Which reminds me, even though it's Saturday, I need to check work e mail -I have a guy in the UK who's on Greenwich Mean Time who likes to contact me for support when I'm not there.