Look Ma, No Cavities!

It's a miracle! I went to the dentist today for a cleaning/checkup - my first in...six years. Long story - mostly, I've just been avoiding it.

I tend to be something of a yuck mouth - tartar, root canals, cavities.

Today, she told me my gums are a little puffy and I need to floss more (I know, I know), and that I need to stop grinding my teeth.

Yes, I'm suffer from bruxism. But I'm not a night grinder. I grind in traffic or at my desk at work. It's soothing. But it needs to end - it's making my teeth sensitive.

But on the bright side - not a lot of tartar buildup, and no cavities! Yay!

I was supposed to get a free toothbrush and some floss, but I ended up leaving before I got them. Bummer - that's the best part of the visit. That and the suction.

Atlanta this weekend was OK. We saw Dad, who is improving, and had lunch Sunday at J Alexander's. I have to admit, as much as I'm anti-chain, this is one I'm fond of. Their cilantro shrimp and carrot cake are sensational. Even my mother, who isn't a big foodie like me, thought the carrot cake was exceptionally good.

And now, I'm on a diet. It came to me this morning that I really need to lose 70 pounds - not like I just realized that, mind you, but it's there, it needs to happen, and I am committing to it.

So that was the last carrot cake for a good while.

Other than that. No news is no news. My nephew is due in 2 weeks, and I need to send off some presents!