Keep on keeping on

So, the Ukulele madness continues. I've more or less mastered "Greensleeves" - and thereby, "What Child Is This?"

I'm taking my uke to Atlanta to cheer Dad up - he's stuck, more or less, at the hospital through the weekend. He did get to see his beloved pug today, so I expect that, if nothing else, will give him the ability to heal and get the hell out of there.

Lola and I are making the trip down tomorrow morning. Tonight, me, Matt, and some of my favorite homeslices are having dinner at Mama Mia's - which for my money, is the best Italian in Nashville (ok, no I haven't been to Amerigo - but I have been to Sole Mio, also good). They do beautiful things with eggplant. Beautiful.

I know - for the (chunky) daughter of a quadruple bypass survivor, I am obsessed with food. It's an issue.

So, back to something non-food related.

I need to check in on my father's koi pond while I'm there. I cleaned it last week, but those little guys need some TLC. He has 4 koi - Boney (so named for his white skeleton-like markings on his black body), Jumpy, Spot and Rebait, who was a replacement for Bait. Dad's Father's Day present last year.

I could sit and watch the fish for days. Maybe I'll clear off the porch and spend some time there this weekend, chillaxing.

I do have one selfish activity planned - a 50 minute massage at Massage Envy - apparently, this is a chain deal - the Starbucks of bodywork. At any rate, I need it. So I'm taking care of business.

That's all from here, for now.