Jinger Berrs!

So I had a nice call with my sister last night - my nephew is due on the 19th, but the doctor says he'd be surprised if Laura makes it to her appointment next Tuesday. Her hope is to at least get through her hair appointment today, and she's set. If possible, she'd like to make her pedicure appointment on Friday.

Though I'm about one of the shaggiest, maintenance-free people I know, I understand this completely. The restorative powers of haircuts and pedicures are almost medicinal.

When Matt and I got married, I felt guilty about wasting money on pedicures and I stopped getting them. Until I heard his cousin Susan, who is one of my role models and as no-nonsense as they come mention that she gets them because they're therapeutic. So if Susan gets them, Allison gets them.

I treated Mom to one in Atlanta two weekends ago to relax her - she got OPI Red, I got their Totally Tangerine. It's a little lighter than I had hoped for, and naturally, I've already put a chip in the big toe on my left hoof, but what are you going to do?

For my money, OPI makes the best product.

When I got married, Laura (my matron of honor) took the bridesmaids, plus Mom and Matt's Aunt Flora to get pedis. My girlfriend Connie and Laura told me to get some nail art on my big toe - so I passed over the obvious choice of a glitter heart, and chose a pair of wedding bells - in white on my blue toes (something blue).

All went well, until the nail tech finished up the bells with a sprig of holly. In August. Holly. She then asked me if I liked my jingle bells (which, given her accent, came out like jinger berrs). I told her I loved them. And I did. Who wouldn't? I think a lot of brides would have freaked out, but what did I care - she had just scraped all the barnacles off my feet, and I was getting married in 24 hours. All was right with the world.

When I'm back in my hometown, I go to that nail place pretty often - they do a good job, and they have a cheap brow wax that I love. Also, inexplicably - services at nail salons are cheaper in Atlanta than in Nashville - why is that? The result is that I can't actually tell you the last time I had a brow wax, but I'll bet it was before Christmas.

This is why I keep a pair of tweezers in my car - the rearview mirror works wonders for brow maintenance.

More beauty tips soon!