Here he is, world!

This is Henry, everyone. Isn't he a gorgeous stack of pancakes? Seriously, I don't usually like the way newborns look -too raw - but this little guy is quite perfect - says his biased aunt.

He's doing well. As are his parents - though I think they're tired - Mom is headed up to see them at the end of the week - I'm going to go see my Dad - who is improving more and more each day!

I have a new hobby, and none too soon. Yesterday, as a Mother's Day present from Lola, Matt gave me a ukulele. I'm enthralled. I love the sound, it's easy to play, and it's RED!

I'm not especially musical - sure, I sing, which in this town means nothing - but I've never had success with instruments. Except kazoo of course. Because, I not only sing, I hum!

I also whistle. I have a co-worker who is an excellent whistler. He's a good guy all around - I think whistlers tend to be happier people.
As for my new toy, though, I'm enjoying it. I'm trying to have a little fun these days after way, way too much seriousness. I've promised Dad a song when I get down there for the weekend. I have Tom Dooley on the run!